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Monday, October 02, 2006

Tony Perkins and Pedophilia 

Tony Perkins enables pedophiles. What on earth would want to make a man who runs the Family Research Council do such a thing? Actually, it’s quite simple.

Tony Perkins claims to be an expert on gays and homosexuality. In order to be such an expert, you either have to experience it yourself, or spend an incredible amount of time studying it and thinking about it. And Tony Perkins has done just that. In fact, it seems, there’s little else he thinks about. When, or rather if, he fucks his wife, he imagines what gays must do when they fuck. Especially when they fuck younger men, or even better, younger boys.

You see, gay expert, Tony Perkins, believes that the reason Republican congressman, Mark Foley, engaged in pedophilia is because he is homosexual and that’s supposedly the “real issue”.

Of course, when the conservative Republican, Daniel Crane of Illinois actually fucked, not just IM’d, a 17 year-old female page (for which he apologized to the House, not the girl, in 1980), it wasn’t his heterosexuality, it must have been his conservatism.

But Tony Perkins loves thinking about gay sex. And abusing children. Whatever you do, keep him as far away as possible from your kids. Sick minds do sick things.

Tony Perkins needs help desperately, and should not be trusted alone with children.

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