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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Human Rights Campaign - Staying the Course 

According to the New York Times, an employee of the liberal gay rights group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was responsible for first posting the adolescent-like email messages from former disgraced Republican Representative Mark Foley.

Rights Group Fires Publisher of Foley E-Mail

A liberal gay rights group said Wednesday that one of its employees, acting anonymously, had created the Web site that first published copies of unusually solicitous e-mail messages to teenagers from former Representative Mark Foley, which led to his resignation.

A spokesman for the group, the Human Rights Campaign, said it first learned of its employee’s role this week and immediately fired him for misusing the group’s resources. The scandal surrounding Mr. Foley, a Florida Republican, has been a burdensome distraction for members of his party in the month before the midterm elections, and some Republicans have speculated that the e-mail messages were planted by a Democrat.

The rights campaign’s spokesman, David Smith, said the employee, whose name he declined to disclose, was a junior staff member hired last month to help mobilize the organization’s members in Michigan. “The minute we learned about it we took decisive action,” Mr. Smith said.

Those tactics sucessfully unhinged a Republican election strategy just before a midterm election. This anonymous newbie at the HRC should have been promoted to fucking Executive Director. Amazing how the HRC would distance itself from the only effective thing they've ever done.

If they weren't so busy sucking Foley's hypocritical, metaphorical cock to begin with they would have uncovered the and exploited the scandal themselves. These are the dirty tricks Lucianne Goldberg wet-dreams about. Stay the course, HRC. Stay the Course.

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