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Thursday, July 20, 2006

No to Snow 

Listening to White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, this morning was so excruciatingly painful it was like being hit over the head with a baseball bat. Beginning with an apology for being “froggy-throated,” he should have apologized for being foggy-minded. He wouldn’t characterize the war in the Middle East as war, but as hostilities.

In response to a question from NBC’s David Gregory, as to why this is not our war, Snow responded, “Why would it be our war? I mean, it's not on our territory. This is a war in which the United States -- it's not even a war. What you have are hostilities, at this point, between Israel and Hezbollah. I would not characterize it as a war.”

Given that logic, the non-war in Iraq isn’t really ours, since it’s not our territory either.

When asked to talk about the level of support Iran is giving Hezbollah in this current crisis, Snow claimed that even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell, since talking about specifics would get into the disclosure of intelligence, which is a fair enough answer, but rather than stopping there, he added, “Good for me, I don't know, so I don't have to worry about faking it.”

This is the problem with hiring a Fox News reporter as White House Press Secretary. At Fox News, faking the news under the guise of “fair and balanced” is a not only a modus operandi, it’s a marketing campaign. The real world, however, expects the White House to tell the truth. Faking the intelligence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction is responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths, and diminished credibility and leverage to deal with the current crisis in the Middle East.

Someone needs to remind this jackass that faking information has far more dangerous and wide-reaching consequences than covering up Bill O’Reilly’s propensity to fantasize over the phone with employees about fucking them with falafels.

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