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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Of Mice and Cowards 

Clinton Fein, Mickey Mouse, 2001In 2001, the ERLC's [Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission] annual report called for Disney to cease its promotion of "Gay Days" at its theme parks; halt the publication of pro-homosexual books; refrain from advocating the "radical homosexual agenda" through its broadcast venues; and "establish an advisory committee of Southern Baptists and other evangelicals" to provide Disney "advice and counsel" on their entertainment projects. (The accompanying image by Clinton Fein was created in 2001.)

Now, five long years later, ABC executives have canceled "Welcome to the Neighborhood" – a reality show about a gay couple and their child that moves into a neighborhood whose residents “overwhelmingly identified themselves as white, Christian and Republican.”

According to the New York Times, ABC claims to be “concerned that viewers who might have been appalled at some early statements made in the show - including homophobic barbs - might not hang in for the sixth episode.”

In an annual letter to shareholders in 1998, Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner said he "always will defend the right" of the company to make entertainment that some might find offensive." He also pledged to "fight attempts by groups like the Southern Baptist Convention to change the content of Disney products."

Not only is the current act of cowardice the weakest cop-out imaginable – but when ABC’s decisions are applauded by the likes of James Dobson and Gary Bauer (with their barely-veiled threats to derail evangelical Christian support for "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"), it’s obvious that greed trumps anything else, and the sniveling little rodent still has no balls.

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As a compromise in the torture controversy, I suggest that we should limit it to masochists.
Good thing they cancelled that show, I'm not sure the majority of Americans would appreciate the on-camera sodomization of the child by his perverted 'parents'. Or the relentless brainwashing they must subject the poor child to in order to recruit hi into their lifestyle.
Walt Disney spent his life actively firing any employees he believed to be gay.
The company's current incarnation is not in any way gay friendly, just gay exploitative where they percieve there's a buck to be made.
Fuck 'em.
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