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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No Guns and Roses in California 

While California punished Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by defeating all of his propositions last night, San Francisco punished itself by voting to ban handguns.

Aside from the flagrant violation of the Second Amendment, the proposal, Measure H, which bans possession, sale and manufacture of handguns and ammunition within city limits, is so tough that it will leave residents of San Francisco weak and defenseless against those who happen to live across the bridge or anywhere else.

The measure makes it illegal for city residents to possess handguns, and those that already do, to turn them in to police by April 1, 2006.

Hate groups and criminals that live in San Francisco are sure to stand in line to hand in their guns. There’s more chance of DHL not losing a package and actually delivering it to the right place on time.

The measure was authored by San Francisco City and County Supervisor Chris Daly, who knows as much about crime prevention and law enforcement as Michael Brown does about emergency preparedness. This dizzy, lefty, wingnutty, anti-everything liberalism can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Or worse, a bullet to a defenseless head.

Perhaps Chris Daly, (and Schwarzenegger), should be required to personally cover the court costs of this symbolic measure that will not withstand a legal challenge.

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