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Friday, October 21, 2005

Intelligent Resign 

In a straight-faced article in the New York Times about Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld's, trip to China, Thom Shanker wrote the following incredulous eye-opener:

He said other nations had a right to question whether the Chinese government was forthright about its spending on troops and arms, and the motivation for its growing arsenal.

He questioned why China and Russia had joined diplomatic forces to try to prompt Central Asian states, especially Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, to evict United States and allied forces from bases on their soil.
For someone who referred to allies Germany and France as "Old Europe," it seems like Rummy is reminiscing for an "old war," namely a Cold War. Or is hoping to provide job security for former nemesis, Condoleezza Rice. Perhaps he would understand it better if the Chinese lied about their expenditures under oath like Rumsfeld does.

Or perhaps senility has caused him to forget the blueprint America provided for defending one's nation, namely unilateral, preemptive force.

Of course if he wanted real transparency from foreign nations, he could once again try to set up a manipulative Office of Strategic Influence, so that lies and deception can be filtered from one nation to another using the same methodology.

Isn't it time this old, rotten stinking dinosaur evolved? Clearly, in this instance, there is no such thing as intelligent design. But there should be intelligent resign. Get rid of it already.

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