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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pat Robertson: Terrorist and Murderer 

Is it right to call for assassination? No, and I apologize for that statement. I spoke in frustration that we should accommodate the man who thinks the U.S. is out to kill him.

So spoke Pat Robertson, the retarded leader of the 700 Club who continues to broadcast live despite his obvious Tourette's Syndrome. After the angry global reaction to his Christian-like suggestion to assassinate Hugo Chávez, the cowardly shit-stain chose to first deny what he had said, and then finally apologize. Kind of like Jeffrey Dahmer apologizing after stabbing and eating humans, or Ted Bundy after raping and killing young women. Pat Robertson is a dangerous and sick psychopath who should be lobotomized, institutionalized, given electro-therapy, or for the sake of humanity and true Christianity, aborted retroactively. His shallow apologies come a little late. Osama Bin Laden loves America more than this sick pigfuck does.

So long as the Family Research Council, Christian Coalition, Traditional Values crowd – the James Dobson, Lou Sheldon, Beverley LaHaye, Gary Bauer, screeching hypocrite crowd -- remain “too busy” to condemn this blatant call for murder, their pro-life protestations look woefully disingenuous.

Never trust people who pretend to care about fetuses when they would advocate murder. If there’s anyone who should be “taken out,” he’s the cowardly asshole preaching to your children on television, teaching them that murder is okay.

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