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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Uh Oh. Try Not to Breathe Falwell 

Doctors upgraded the Rev. Jerry Falwell's condition from critical to stable on Wednesday and removed the Moral Majority founder from a ventilator.

Falwell, 71, has fluid in his lungs and doctors say he suffers from congestive heart failure, although a cardiologist, Dr. Carl Moore, said testing showed "his heart is strong" and he had not suffered a heart attack.

Ron Godwin, Falwell's executive assistant, had said Tuesday that Falwell had suffered a recurrence of the viral pneumonia he had suffered from weeks earlier. But doctors said Wednesday he did not have pneumonia.

Falwell, who was admitted late Monday, heard from President Bush, who wished him well, a spokesman for Lynchburg General Hospital said at a news briefing. Details of the phone call were not released.

Uh oh. Of course Mr. Bush phoned him. This is the same dimwitted, hypocritical twat who accused Tinky Winky of being gay (what was he doing watching that show anyway?), and who blamed September 11th on queers, women and liberals. We hope you recover, you sick fuck, but only so that you might relapse again so that you suffer for a while longer before you go. May you rot in hell.

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