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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Pussies and Faggots at MSNBC 

I know that these Susan Sarandon types at the ACLU are going to complain like the pussies and faggots they are.

Rob Bartlett, a fat wiseass "comedian," on MSNBC’s Imus in the Morning this morning, pretending to be Attorney General Gonzales. While there’s room for political incorrectness and humor, to call people pussies and faggots at 7.30 am on a supposed “news” channel is ridiculous. Does Don Imus refer to his wife Deirdre as a pussy to his son Wyatt? Is Carol McGuirk, executive producer Bernard McGuirk’s wife a pussy or a mother to her children? Is Suzanne Wright, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal, Bob Wright’s wife a pussy? Is Caryn Zucker, married to Jeff Zucker, President of NBC Universal Television Group a mother or a pussy to her three children or is Susan Falco, wife of Randy Falco, President of NBC Universal Television Networks Group a pussy or mother to their three children?

Bill Gates recently decried the current state of education in America. How about focusing on the state of journalism? Or do these executives think it’s appropriate for kids who watch the news with their parents in the morning to hear "news personalities" refer to women and men fighting for civil liberties as pussies and faggots?

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