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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mandates and Candid Hates 

Clinton's Karlrovini Fraud image from the Mandates and Candid Hates cover is being bombarded. Here is a mirror to help divert traffic.

Mandates and Candid Hates

Karl or Jeff or now could it be James?
A White House full of fun and games
Tasty Male hookers, Ari Fleischer’s pride
Testy McClellan’s got nowhere to hide

Talon News Talent and Blogger Baby Claws
Maggie Gallagher memos for columnist whores
Press credential cachet for horny male sluts
Presidential cash to purchase ethical cuts

Cum guzzling Armstrong doing business in bed
Teaching the sinful how to get right ahead
Fantasy buttocks, hard on crotch on the mind
Leaving sanctity sacrosanct, leaving no child behind

Pretzel Pig Pansy, Presidential Insight,
Hating man mandate, hotmilitarystud web site
Softball diversions from Solid Rock Cock
From the Unmarried Queer to the Cheerleader Jock

Oscar season sanctimonies as the stories get loud
From the lynching of Churchill to the columns of Dowd
The Summers at Harvard where women woe scores
While the men at the White House get access as whores

Dead media mainstream asleep at the wheel
With Brad and Angelina to keep it all real
Imus in the Morning in malfunctioning cities
Blitzer of the blunderbuss pinching Michael Powell’s titties

Once West Wing blowjobs commanded attention
Now as quaint and as fashionable as a Geneva Convention
Karl Rove and his Filthy Boys Minding the Store
As he squats for his Jesus, and kneels for his whore

Yes, the image is based on the Barberini Faun that Maureen Dowd referenced in her New York Times, February 17, 2005 editorial.

it sucks
karl rove sucks!!
Is it possible that "it sucks" is the perfect "irrit8" expression for what is going on inside the Bush White House, Washington and the press? Or is the comment directed to the graphic depiction and the tone "Kralrovini Fraud" commentary? The implied ambiguity begs clarification and here are my reflections.

Dear Anonymous,

What really SUCKS is turning the White House into a frolicking Whore House. Have you forgotten the shrill of the Cheneys and company running on the campaign trail with the promise of “bringing back honor and dignity to the White House”? One can’t shrug it off as just another campaign promise left behind… but who is counting???

The Jim Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon scandal is so virulent, slimy and repellent of a stain that the newest super concentrated detergent displayed on markets’ shelves will prove ineffective. What really sucks is the wimpy counter offense and lame volley of softball questions from a media elite covering the President’s whereabouts. It takes an “ANNOY. COM” visual approach coupled with an in-your-face hardball commentary to strike back.

Rather than downgrade “Karlrovini Fraud,” another Fein home run, you ought to consider a more civil discourse to the abhorrent White House behavior. How about expressing concern for the erosion of free speech and expression? And what about ensuring that the Constitution remains clad with dignity?

If there is no one gutsy enough in the Capital Beltway to stand up to the barrage of fraudulent news briefings, fabricated stories, numbers that don’t add up, and punches aimed at first amendment rights, then who will? If the media elites are no longer a decent and reliable source, then the phenomenon of outrage and outcry is the only patriotic recourse one must resort to.

As someone who regularly reads Fein’s acerbic commentaries, I am yet to see a more ingenious invention that surpasses ANNOY. COM’s creative output in countering the sleaze and hypocrisy rooted in the Bush White House and the mainstream media enterprise. You might not like what you see, but have to admit, it fills a much-needed GAP.
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