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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Beef Jerk 

Makes me want to eat meat!

The rupulsive geritatric, radio shock jock, Don Imus, upon seeing the new Paris Hilton commercial for Carl's Junior. The thought of this wrinkled, has-been wheezing and gasping for oxygen as he eats the odiferous Deirdre Imus is enough to turn any red-blooded American into a lifelong vegetarian. Like an untalented and ugly version of Mick Jagger, someone should let this pathetic, delusional cowboy wannabe know that it's time for him to hang up the mike and head for the retirement home.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pretty Tits and Alcholic Twits 

She won't look so pretty when she's bald with one titty.
Sid Rosenberg, the retarded alcoholic on the Don Imus show, responding to the news that entertainer Kylie Minogue, has breast cancer. Now granted, Kylie's music is enough to inspire suicide bombers who would sooner blow themselves up than have to suffer through it, but for Rosenberg to mock a cancer victim on a show that abuses women and minorities to raise tax-exempt revenues for a kiddie cancer ranch (aka an Architectural Digest retreat for Don, Deirdre and Wyatt Imus) is pushing the envelope from the gutter into the sewer. With Rick Kaplan heading MSNBC, one has to wonder how any respecting politician will appear on this show, as Clinton Fein did in his Imus and the Flies editorial. And Bill Gates wonders why education in this country sucks. It's partly because of what kids listen to on your partly owned news station on the way to school. Sid Rosenberg should be hog tied and dragged through Manhattan, but cleaning up the dregs would be a waste of soap and water.

Maybe Sid won't be so crass with Zyklon B up his ass.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Taranto's Treponema 

The press's power--its ability to influence events--is inherent in the practice of journalism; were it not, dictators would have no need to restrict press freedom. But the press's power, especially in a free society, rests on its credibility--that is, on the reader's trust that the press is telling the truth. When the press falls short of that trust, as Newsweek has done here, it diminishes its own power.
Oh the fucking irony. OpinionJournal’s James Taranto, possibly the reason Daniel Pearl had his neck severed, asserting Scott McClellan’s constitutional right to express himself by using the podium of the Presidency to pressure Newsweek into behaving the way the Whitehouse would like the publication to in the wake of their unconfirmed story about the Quran being shoved in the toilet at Guantanamo Bay. Taranto would know though. He is the festering gonorrhea on the cock of journalism. Perhaps he is simply saddened that such a silly report by Newsweek could sully America’s immaculate Abu Ghraib reputation.

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