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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Taking Heat 

Click to see full imageWhen Jeff Gannon tossed President Bush a softball question that made even NBC’s Tim Russert look hard-hitting, he essentially outed himself as a fake news reporter writing for Talon News, a publication that primarily added frills to press releases (as if no others publications do that), the world learnt who James Guckert really was. A hysterical clamor of left wing bloggers revealed Mr. Gannon was also a low priced call-boy, offering his shaved balls for a mere $250 an hour or “weekend specials.” No doubt Talon News paid less. Not only had Gannon been lobbing softies to the Prez and Scott McClellan under his assumed name, but to Ari Fleischer before him. Who was getting soft and who was getting hard from all of this remains an open-ended question, and even though Gannon’s moonlighting has barely any relevance to his job as a journalist, to position himself a top on sites like www.hotmilitarystud.com, whilst posing with his ass cheeks spread wide apart is simply inexcusable. Ari Fleischer’s book “Taking Heat” simply corroborates that there’s always only been one top at the White House, and her name is Karen Hughes.

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